An Ad Blocker Without Compromises.

Resilience is an ad blocker for your computer that works with any browser on any operating system. Resilience on macOS. Resilience doesn't sell out your privacy with "acceptable ads". Resilience won't be blocked by your web browser's developers. Resilience won't ever stop defending your privacy and your right to block ads on your goddamn computer.

Chrome executives: I know you think this won't get traction because it'll never be as easy to install as uBlock. Watch me as I make it every bit as easy by the time you finish switching to declarativeNetRequest.


Get Some Resilience

Resilience is currently early alpha software with an end-user release coming very soon.
Experimenters are welcome to compile from source.

Getting Started with Resilience

In order to use Resilience, you must configure it as your system's HTTP and HTTPS proxy by setting them both to localhost:7341. People testing an early alpha already know how to do this, but better help instructions will come in due course.